The title of this project, “Blooming Up” comes from a story from my childhood.

I was maybe three or four when a little songbird crashed into our living room window and died instantly. My dad remembers it was a nuthatch. It left a beautiful print of its feathers on the glass, and we buried it in the garden near the cherry tree where I planted tulips and hyacinths with my mother. We left the beautiful print on the glass and I used to study the pattern of the feathers, my breath condensing to give it a ghostly life. After weeks and weeks, watching the cherry tree come into blossom and flowers start to open, I finally asked, “When is that bird going to bloom up?” The story lingered in my family as a bit of silliness.

But the question still echoes for me, and never more than this Covid Spring, with so much on the line for our future and climate:  

Can something good bloom up out of sorrow and death?

From this grim moment, can we turn things around for people and for the planet?