Why repeating pattern?

I find repeating pattern incredibly powerful and believe it speaks to our desire for rhythm and connectedness on a deep level. I have learned to combine my own illustrations into repeating patterns which you can see on Newton Paisley’s website. Then I started wondering how it would work to crowd-source the artwork that I use in pattern creation. Variable, diverse art from nature-lovers of all ages all over the world. Whereas most of the Newton Paisley designs start with around two dozen separate illustrations, our idea here is to accept and accommodate ten times that number. The design will be much more flowing than the above lattice design, probably more like a traditional interconnected Tree of Life below, though much more detailed. 

Newton Paisley Carolina Tree of Life
Carolina Tree of Life, featuring the extinct Carolina Parakeet
The ultimate use of this pattern remains to be determined. It will not be used for profit. My goal is that it be shared and used to campaign for nature, perhaps projected, displayed digitally, or printed as banners.